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VI Moscow international festival of visual anthropology 



Russian State University for the Humanities
Miusscaya Ploshad, 6 (Novoslobodskaya Metro Station)

To enter RSUH please register:
v.klyaus@mail.ru or tel. +7(916)282-93-11.
Passport required.

October 9, Tuesday (room 517)

10.15  12.00 Andrea Ravenda and Fabrizio Loce Mandes
(heads of the festival "Contro Sguardi" Perugia, Italy)
"Sick of Coal". Visual annotations fora Dark Energy Ethnography
in the south-east border of Italy

October 10, Wednesday (room 517)

10.15  12.00 Tamara Nikolic Deric
(director of the festival ETNOFILm, Croatia)
ETNOFILm: some examples of good practice in developing visual anthropology network in Croatia

October 11, Thursday (room 528)

10.15  12.00 Nevenka Redzic Toth
(Professor, University of Toronto (Canada) and
Belgrade (Serbia), filmmaker)
CINEMA EYE: Raison DEtre for the Visual Anthropology. Scientist as A Man with the Movie Camera in Visual Anthropology

Demonstration of Nena Toths film:
Images before Us
10 min., Canada, 2011



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