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V Moscow international festival of visual anthropology 


Winners of Debut Competition

Souleymane Diallo Echagh (The Well) I prize
Ramesh Khadka Chhau (Menstruation) II prize
Evgenia Trifonova Bride's Song III prize

Special prizes of jury

Andrey Beregovenko I Will Work Hard
Kodji Rehe, the Blacksmiths of Mogode

Diplomas of participants of the Debut Competition

Seifu Woldeyohannes Haile Esset, Soul of the Gurage for the interesting presentation of gender roles in a traditional society
Damjan Muhic Working in Salina for a beautiful story without words
Gry Elisabeth Mortensen Doing the Norway for carrying on tradition in new time and place
Ronnie Smith Rules and Rebels. A Portrait for the new interpretation of the relationship between sound and music
Alexander Zaika Russian "Khanty" for the love story told in the language of photography
Mashhood Ahmed Sheikh Side Effects: Portrait of a Young Artist in Lahore for an expressive account of the youngsters' problems
Maris Gillette Guided by Spirit for presentation of political and economic problems
Ilya Batuev Guided by Spirit for attempt to understand the complex phenomenon
Ausra Linkeviciute Anything but Black for bringing cinema closer to life
Johanne Haaber Ihle Men of Words for showing poetry as the means of communication



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