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IV Moscow international festival of visual anthropology 


Winners of Debut Competition

Dipesh Kharel
Nepal/ Norway, 2004
A Life With Slate Grand Prix
Jie Li
USA/Cameroon 2006
The Al-Hadji and His Wives Second prize: for the research of life and culture of a community in Cameroun through means of visual anthropology
Vladimir Golovnev
Russia (Omsk), 2008
Unworldly Third prize: for the choice of theme reflecting contemporary Russian reality and its cinematographic realisation


Michael Herzfeld
USA, 2007
Monti moments: men’s memories in the heart of Rome for an ingenious reflection of an ego-history of the Eternal City
Alexander Hirl
United Kingdom, 2007
Leyssart for a flawless and sensitive reflection of problems of human-nature interaction
Verena Thomas
Australia, 2007
Papa of the Chimbu for creation of a picturesque artistic and historical portrait of a personality within the context of the 20th century’s history
Anne-Katrine Hansen
United Kingdom, 2007
Sangita Priya — Lover of Music for an original interpretation of the role of music in folk culture
Jérémie Reichenbach
France, 2006
Teshumara, guitars of tuareg rebellion for an analytic presentation of authoring and performing of songs in the context of an ethnic conflict
Amanda Hill
England, 2007
Lifelibrary for an interesting demonstration and interpretation of the life of Homo Legens
Ashley Shuyler
Tanzania/USA, 2008
Somebody Like Me for a delicate reflection of interaction between Euro-American and African civilizations
Guy Bordin, Renaud De Putter
Belgium, 2006
I Had a Dream for discovery of an original genre in traditional culture
Ian McDonald
India/UK, 2007
Inside the Kalari for a demonstration of spirituality of eastern martial arts in the society of contemporary India
Sergey Anashkin
Russia (Ekateriburg), 2007
Toyuk about Stesha for presenting a holistic image of creative person
Elena Larina
Russia (Moscow), 2006
Gamblers for a successful search of ways and methods in visual anthropology
Boris Budinas
Russia (Moscow), 2007
May 9, 2007 for creating a gallery of Great Patriotic War veterans portaits



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