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IV Moscow international festival of visual anthropology 


Russian Institute for Cultural Research, Moscow State Lomonosov University, Ethnology and Anthropology Miklukho-Macklai Institute, National Associations for Audiovisual Archives supported by Federal Agency of Culture and Cinema.

October 2—8 2008 in Moscow Cinma-hall "Khoudozhestvenny"

4th Moscow International Festival of Visual Anthropology "Mediating Camera"

The festival will be principally devoted to the consideration of films made about visual anthroplogy since Jan 1st 2006. It will aim to promote international cooperation in visual anthroplogy, and special interest will be paid to those who are first setting out to make films in this area. The festival will aim to encourage cooperation between the makers of such films, their audiences, and those who have specialist knowledge of the relevant fields.

The principal aims of the Festival include:

  1. To support cultural diversity by visual anthropology
  2. To seek to resolve problems of tolerance and examine the possibilities
  3. of dialogue between
  4. To screen new films made by visual anthropologists of Russia and another countries,
  5. The acquaintance with new trends of visual anthropology.
  6. To provide more access for young people to Russian and International films devoted to the study of local cultures, ethnology, anthropology.

The festival will involve 2 main activities:
screening of new films as a main part of the program, plus the New Filmmakers Contest and a Conference" "The audiovisual anthropology in theory and practice"

We invite for participation
those have made films dedicated to the cultures of peoples of different parts of the world; and for the New Filmmakers' Contest, we invite submissions from those who are making their first films of this kind.

For those who wish to apply to participate, we need:

  1. A DVD copy pf the film sub-titled in English
  2. A complete transcript of the film's audio track in Russian (and/or English) language.
  3. The Entry form completed in Russian (or) English language) (print and electronic version).

We also invite application the attendance from professionals in the field of audiovisual anthropology and from all who explore the points of intersection between visual anthropology, the sciences, education, and the arts and media.

For participation we need:
The text of your speech (electronic copy, no more than 20 000 signs)
The synopsis of your speech (approx.100 words) on Russian and English (hard and electronic copy).

The application will be accepted until March 31, 2008
We regret that we are unable to return submitted materials.

To post films and applications please use the following address:
Russia, Moscow 119992, Leninskiye Gory, GSP-2, Educational Building 1, Moscow State University, 4th floor, room 446, ZNIT FDO, c/o Visual Anthropology Festival.

Address in Russian:
, 119992, , -2, I , 4 , . 446, , .

Contact information:
e-mail: mifva4@gmail.com
Phone: +7 916 069 7467, Vitaly Semenov
Fax : +7 495 959 10 17






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