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The II Moscow International Visual Anthropology Festival and Conference «Traditional and Object(ive) Lens. In Search of Integrity” will take place in the Lomonosov Moscow State University under the auspices of the preparation for its 250 th anniversary.

The goal of the festival is to show how visual anthropology records images of traditional cultures around the world and facilitates the formation of a notion of a unitary human community.

The Festival is organized by The Russian Association of Visual Anthropology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the National Association of Audiovisual archives. Other participants and sponsors include Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency of Culture and Film, Russian Institute of Culturology, D.S. Likhachev Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Institute of Man of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Museum of Cinema, Confederation of Unions of Filmmakers of the NIS, Union of Filmmakers of the Russian Federation, National Association of Television and Radio, Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio, Institute of Cultural Politics, French Embassy in Moscow, Franco-Russian Center of the Social Sciences and Humanities, French Cultural Center, Swiss Bureau on the Issues of International Relations and Humanitarian Aid in Moscow, Goethe-Institute, and the Canadian Embassy.

Information support is provided by Radio Rossii, TV channels “Kultura” and “Shkolnik-TV”, portal “Museums of Russia,” internet resources Rambler and www.ethno-online.ru .

The festival will feature more than 70 films. They will be introduced by their authors—eminent anthropologists and documentary filmmakers from Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, Japan, India, Central Asia, and various regions of Russia and Newly Independent States. The films will feature traditional culture of peoples living above the Arctic Circle and tropical forests, in the middle of Europe and in the middle of Asia … The viewers will have an opportunity to see and discuss how the art of film creates bridges of mutual understanding among the representatives of such diverse human communities.

The opening of the Festival will take place on May 24, 2004 at 10 am in the conference hall of the First Humanities Building of the Moscow State University on the Vorob'ev hills.

The screening of films on May 24-26 in the conference hall of the First Humanities Building will be accompanied by their discussion from the standpoints of various academic disciplines. We invite experts, teachers, college and high school students to participate in these discussions. There is a special first-time directors' competition for both young filmmakers and experienced researchers who present their films for the first time.

On May 25 th , during the second day of the Festival, three seminars will take place. These will feature films and research materials specially selected for the Festival followed by discussions with the filmmakers and researchers. The first seminar “Visual Anthropology and Traditional Culture of the peoples of Siberia and the Far North” will take place in the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Leninsky Prospect, 32a). The second seminar “Visual Anthropology: from Field Research to the Practice of the Humanities” will take place in the D.S. Likhachev's Institute of the Heritage (metro VDNKh, Kosmonavtov 2). The third seminar “The Work of Jean Rouch and the French School of Visual Anthropology” will take place in the Museum of Cinema .

On May 27, during the final conference in the First Humanities Building of the Moscow State University, a round table will take place featuring the following topics: “Conscious Image: Video Practices and Video Analysis,” “The Task of Research and Preservation of Cultural Heritage,” “Role of Visual Anthropology in Reforming Education,” “Contemporary Mediascapes.”

There will be a closing night reception after the conference.

Festival Committee invites all individuals and organizations to participate in the II Moscow International Visual Anthropology Festival and Conference and is looking for logistical, technical, informational, and financial support.

Contacts: Tel/fax 7(095) 939 4441, e-mail: eale@yandex.ru , okhrist@yandex.ru

Evgenii Vasilievich Alexandrov, festival's director

Olga Borisovna Khristoforova, executive secretary


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