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Evgeny V. Alexandrov
Leading research associate, Doctor of Fine Arts, the scientific advisor of the video-group of the Center of New Information Technologies of Lomonosov Moscow State University The head of the public Center of Visual Anthropology of MSU. He has about 80 publications on visual anthropology. Monograph "Discussions of theoretical and methodological problems of visual anthropology", Editor of six collected articles on visual anthropology.
Experimantal and organization work: producer and co-author of video works of CVA MSU (1989 - 2007). Alexandrov
Creator and director of the Moscow International Festival for Visual Anthropology 2002, 2004, 2006.
Selected filmography:
1999 "Oh, Desert, My Desert...",
2000 "Helping Fedor",
2005 "Years in a hand",
2005 "To Luba and Further",
2005 "Island of Faith",
2006 "Years in a hand",
2007 "One in the family line".

Leonid S. Filimonov
He graduated from the Moscow State University and All-Russian State Cinema Institute (VGIK). Leonid Filimonov is a director and cameraman of the «Old Believers' Culture Video Monitoring» Project (1993-2004), author of 15 films.
Filimonov Filmography:
1992 "Molokan spiritual chants"
1993 "Collective portrait"
1994 "One third of the circle"
1994 "In the beginning was the rhythm"
1998 "Visual onthology"
2000 "Wear and remember"
2002 "Oh, my rubies and sapphires …"
2002 "The intercession day at Kilins"
2002 "And there came evening, and then morning"
2004 "Family of Petr and Valentina"
kristoforova Olga B. Khristoforova
PhD in culturology, assistant professor of social anthropology educational scientific and folklore typology and semiotics centres of The Russian State University for the Humanities.
Research interests:
visual anthropology, symbolical and medical anthropology; shamanism, archaic beliefs and syncretic religions, Russian national demonology; Siberia nations, Russian people.
She is an author a lot of scientific publications.
Elena Danilko
DSc in History. Recent Publications include a book entitled Old Believers in South Ural: Essays in History and Traditional Culture (Ufa, 2002).
2003 "Bashkir Horse Koumiss",
2005 "Uchuk",
2006 "Years in a hand",
2007 "One in the family".
Natalia Litvina
Since 1994 she has been researching traditional culture and films the TV materials of the contemporary history of the Old Faith.
Litvina Filmography:
1998 "Mistress of Kulezny",
2000 "Blue Well",
2002 "Rest in Peace, oh God, the Soul…",
2002 "Kulezny-2000",
2003 "Second Birth",
2003 "Petrozavodsk – Day of the City",
2004 "Vereshyagino – Ural’s West Gates",
2006 "Neighbours".

Ivan Boiko
graduated from the Ethnology Department of the Moscow University in 1998. For 10 years he worked as a photographer in the Russian History Museum. Studied the Old Believers in the expeditions of the Moscow University and the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moldavia, 1996, Verkhokam'ye, 2000, 2002, Altai, 2001–2003).
Personal Exhibitions:
Strasbourg (France), 2001
Strasbourg (France), 2002
Veretchagino (Perm Region, Russia), 2002
Togliatti (Samara Region, Russia), 2003
Fotobiennale-2004 (Moscow)
«Rencontres», Arles (France), 2006

Andrey Isserov
Ph.D. in History (Moscow University). Since 1999 participates in the expeditions of the Moscow University Archaeographical Laboratory in Verkhokamye (Urals) and Southern Vyatka.

magidov Vladimir M. Magidov
Head sub-faculty ADA HAI RSUH, dean of FTAD, professor, DSc in History, member of the Eurasian radio and TV Academy, president of National Association of audiovisual archives, member of Council for theory and critique of non fiction films of Russian cinematographers union, member of International Association of television archives (FIAT/IFTA), member of Association Presidium of Russian ethnographers and anthropologists et al.
kalmykov Peter Kalmykov
Post-graduate of the MSU ethnology sub-faculty of historical department, he specializes in Chinese immigration to Russia. Не took part in creating films: "One in the family", "Players", "A day in the master's home" et al.
kasparova Anastasia Kasparova
Webmaster - creator of MSU CVA site.
Participated in organization of the III Moscow International Visual Anthropology Festival. She graduated from physical department of MSU, research assistant of Extra-galactic astronomy Group of MSU Sternberg Astronomical Institute.
Silkina Maria Silkina
Post-graduate of MSU ethnology sub-faculty, working on using cine-material problem as ethnographical source; member of the III MIVAF organizational committee.
kutkin Alexandr Kutkin
Representative of Moscow festival of visual anthropology organising committee.
budinas Boris Budinas
He is sympathetic with CVA, mathematician, PhD in ph.-mat. science, research officer of Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences now. His professional work is computer graphic arts, digitized photo and video, internet. Work in these spheres is reflected on cite http://www.budinas.narod.ru




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